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Why Not Advertise Your Company, Product Or Service Here?
Why Not Advertise Your Company, Product Or Service Here?

Page Title
This should be a one line description of your site using no more than 155 characters.
Page Title:
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These should be relevant to your site and be separated with a comma try to keep under 155 characters in length.

This tag is not necessary however, we would recommend putting your full name here.

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Robot Control
This tag is meant for users who cannot control the robots.txt file at their sites. For those of you who can control the robots.txt file you can find a tutorial here
Search engines use "robots" to scan and index your site. You can tell them which pages and directories to index. This is usually done with the file robots.txt. If your host does not let you have access to robots.txt, then you can use this meta tag. It does not give as much control, but some nonetheless. Note: Turning off robot control is the same as "ALL"Robot Control:OnOff
ALL- The robot will index all HTML it finds.
None- Do not index this page.
Index - Index current page only
Follow -Index all links from current page.
Noindex- allows the subsidiary links to be explored, even though the page is not indexed.
Nofollow allows the page to be indexed, but no links from the page are explored